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However far away, I will always love you...

A Stefan&Caroline community

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A community about Stefan/Caroline


Hello everyone! Welcome to stefan_caroline, a community inspired by the television & book series, The Vampire Diaries by L.J Smith.
Here you can share news, pictures, fanfic, graphics, discussions, and much more! However, if you are not a fan of Stefan and Caroline, or if you ship Stefan & Elena only, THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU.
If you have any questions, comments, etc, feel free to ask by contacting a mod.

Community rules:
01. This one goes without saying: As a Stefan/Caroline community, no bashing of Stephan or Caroline will be tolerated,
and posts/comments will be deleted immediately. This is not a debate community. Take it elsewhere.

02. Act like an adult and respect the opinions of others. No bashing of L.J Smith, the characters, or the actors will be tolerated.
If you are here to stir up drama, you will be banned without warning.

03. You must post about Stefan and Caroline or Paul and Candice. No off-topic posts allowed, unless under the advisement of a MOD.

04. Please tag your post using our existing tags and be sure that you check the thread first, so we don't have double-posts.
The tag list can be found here.

05. Large images (over 400px wide), images over the amount of 3, fanmixes (a preview is okay), and fanfiction must be under an lj-cut.
Do not link us to other sites -- It is a hassle. (The only time linking elsewhere is allowed is when there are more than 10 pictures; but even then,
please post AT LEAST 10 of those images and link us to the rest.) Be sure to always supply a source.

06. Your icon posts needs to have (ONLY) 3 icons in the preview, and should include Stefan/Caroline or Paul/Candice.
If you fail to oblige, your post will be deleted.

07. If you have a community/event/site/etc to promote, please ask the mod's permission first.
You can do it by posting a comment. Same for affiliates requests, suggestions, etc. Friending memes are allowed here.

08. Your fanfic must be mainly about S/C and not another paring. Please use normal text, and you can add a banner if you want,
but nothing too big, please.

Before posting fanfic, copy and past this code:

09. You can post ANY fanarts (manips, wallpapers, banners, etc...), but they have to be on-topic to our community.
And don't forget to tag correctly.

10. You cannot promote your community without asking the mods for authorization first,
or your post will be deleted immediately.

11. You can lock your post if you want members-only to read it, but if you lock your post, DON'T post the links outside this community, 'cause the others won't be able to see it,
and don't make a post with links from a locked entry unless you keep it open for viewing and specify when it will be locked.
(Please allow at least 3 days so others have time to view.)

12. We will not hesitate to ban anyone for rude behavior or bashing, and we will reject your post if it is not appropriate for this community.
If you have a complaint, go HERE and state your thoughts.
(All the comments on this post will be screened, so don't be shy.)

Your mods are: skyealways, nodawnnoday, and somethingblue.
If you have any problems or questions, feel free to page us. We are here and happy to help.

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